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Mar. 21st, 2011 | 05:43 am



-First of all school life is getting better, i have been getting really nice top grades! OMG I had this really hard practice paper for Geography and OMG I GOT AN A GRADE! I was 4 points off an A*! OMG i literally screamed in the lesson, and usually I'm always quiet in the lesson! MEP parts on youtube have been hectic! I keep gaining so many parts, and sometimes I just dont know how to say no you know? Gawd that felt wierd to write xD haha well I hope everyone has had an awesome half term! I know I did! lol I went skiing with my friends in Austria and omg it was so beautiful! There were a lot of funny incidents and the prawns..lol Don't ask about the prawns we kind of went crazy and drunk but it was so funny!

Hey! who saw the new xxholic OAD? It was quite good I think! But abit if a disapointment, CLAMP didn't do a very good job at all with xxholic's ending. I was hoping they would clear a few things in the anime but nothing, and i was also hoping for a epilogue in the manga but nothing again :L
Which was a huge let down, but they animated the anime so nicely! The art work put into it was so...wow! And seeing Watanuki with a serious side made me think of clone syaoran woop! About the clone I have recently found only one yaoi couple i adore! Not an official couple but still spicy ;) Syaorancest! *0* Or some people call it cloncest xD
For this term I'm going to be abit busy as I have 2 controlled assesements which are really big and an exam. An R.E. exam and French writing and oral examination and Spanish written and Oral exanimation. Wish me good luck ne? Oh and recently Japan has been suffering due to the tsunami and the earthquake which is horrible! Thank God CLAMP came out ok! But there were still so many people in Japan who suffered! Please donate if you can mina and support those people who need our help!
UM...Right now project wise I'm doing nothing just MEP parts, but my next project is to continue with Mirotic. Absent Reminiscence the studio I own with my friend is going well, a few people have asked:
Are you going to have auditions soon?
Yes, we are after our WORM MEP
Can you please subscribe to me?
No, We only subscribe to our Members
Can I join in your MEP?
Only Studio Members I'm afraid.
Recently there have been so many songs which I have been addicted to and one of them is when i go down by relient k! I love that song! I'm nearly done with this amv i'm doing, which is dedicated to the Japan disaster 2011.
I was about to upload screen shots of my current project but dam livejournal wont let me, it says something is wrong with it...bull crap but oh well :L
Oh!! and I have got a fanfiction account but I dont know how to use it! It looks so confusing! But I really want to move my story onto it so bad! haha but I'm working on this current story now which I'm writing called BURN. And I have to admit I'm pretty slow at writing this but I just want it to be perfect! Here is my official banner I created by moi! For my story which will be published on quizilla xD
BTW! if some of you look at the banner and day it hasn't been actually edited with all you have done is add the name onto it, well actually go and look up the actual wallpaper and see for yourself! it's actually very different syaoran's sword is gone! and so is some of sakura'sface. And other features to the wallpaper.
The story is about Sakura and Syaoran of course ;) And this is what it's about:
The two embraced each other longingly as they said their goodbyes. He boarded the plane, with her watching him with his back to her as he boarded the plane. Her eyes watched him until she could no longer see the amber eyed man. While Syaoran is on the airplane heading back to China, on the way the air plane is hijacked by terrorists, little did Sakura know that very moment she has saw him last would be the last time emerald would clash with amber for good…
So yeah I'm still trying to upload the other screen shot of my project but it's not working^^" So gomen mina! 
Till Next Time

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