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Back at again!

Oct. 5th, 2012 | 07:19 pm

Sorry just got bored again -slaps self- bad habit of mine! -shot-.

I'm back from school and it's finally a Friday! YES! But I have to go into school tomorrow which is annoying, for open morning. Am I looking forward to it? Ohhh yeee-..no. >:|

So yeah...I really need to find another way to start a sentence instead of 'so', it's a very bad habit indeed...

bye bye! ^w^

Even though this image has illustrations on it...doesn't it look so beautiful?!? 8'D


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It's been a long time.

Oct. 5th, 2012 | 07:33 am

I doubt anyone is going to read this but oh well I'm bored! x) 

Yes, it's been a long time since I've logged into this account. So long that I've had to change my password because I couldn't remember it! And during that long extent of time a lot of things have changed for me, my last post was in 2011 and it's now 2012, you'd be shocked at how much changes and happens within a year and I'm sure a lot of people experience this. SO! During that year I've had my GCSE exams and have changed schools to a new sixth form  I remember when I was going to get my GCSEs I was literally freaking out, I mean it determined whether I would get into a sixth form or not! Or my future blah blah blah. But in the end I got good results! Really good! And I mean A* grade good result way!!! xD I was screaming and I cried...yes I am a weak person when it comes to these things! Don't judge me! I was so happy dammit!!! XD

So many people doubted about me getting a good grade and it just goes to show just because your teachers say you won't get a good grade it doesn't mean they're right, prove them wrong! My science teacher said those who move from the foundation paper t the High tier have little chance of changing a grade, she said not many people go up a grade. I was one of the people moving from foundation to the Higher Tier and she wouldn't let me even try! But I did in the end, she predicted my exam grade as C or D (Nice bitch huh?) But in the end I got an A* in science, HA! take that biatch! 8D I actually went to my old school yesterday because of open evening and I saw -glares- HER! And as expected she gave me the colder for not staying XD

So back to the future now, I'm still trying to settle down in my new school and make friends. But it's a bit hard to fit in because everyone talks about things I can't relate to such as friends or previous events they all went to. But everyone is so nice! Which is really good! -sweat drop- phew! xD So yeah! XD My teachers told me that the step between A level and GCSE would be huge but....I found the jump easy?? Is that wrong? I feel like I'm the only one...not a good sign people!! For my A level subjects I decided to take: Geography, English Literature, Business studies, Government and politics...thought I should tell you guys in case anyone is wondering xD

Wow I just realised I've started the previous two paragraphs with 'SO', oh dear dear. Right, on the topic of editing now. I haven't as many people must of seen I'm not editing any longer, well I am...but I have another account which I currently upload AMVs and MMVs on. But I don't want to give away the name, I want people to subscribe for liking my editing and not for being friends and what not. Therefore, my account 'TheladyTsubasa' is finally inactive forever -tears tears-.  However, I love editing raw it's so fun and much less work! I want to paint a story with the anime. OH! and a big thing before I forget. I LOST EVERYTHING! My random amvs that Ioved to watch are GONE, my Tsubasa chronicles RAW episdoes/HD are GONE! My photoshop cs4 is GONE! All plugins and Sony vegas GONE! EVERYTHING! And yes, I have got a new laptop now because my old one died on me. But I have everything back now except my Tsubasa chronicle episodes xD As predicted, I am on the hunt! It's so annoying! But I have Tokyo Revelations Bluray RAW but I can't seem to put it into sony vegas, it doesn't like it even if it is a mp4 file :L sony and I have a odd relationship~ hohoho

To be honest, I actually like writing things like this now at my age now....which is odd. I like to talk to random people on here! 8D Well no...not strangers, but I like to share what I'm feeling and lately I've been giving some advice to some people, if anyone needs advice or what not I'd love to help!

Till next time people of the world~

Isobel xx

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Mar. 21st, 2011 | 05:43 am



-First of all school life is getting better, i have been getting really nice top grades! OMG I had this really hard practice paper for Geography and OMG I GOT AN A GRADE! I was 4 points off an A*! OMG i literally screamed in the lesson, and usually I'm always quiet in the lesson! MEP parts on youtube have been hectic! I keep gaining so many parts, and sometimes I just dont know how to say no you know? Gawd that felt wierd to write xD haha well I hope everyone has had an awesome half term! I know I did! lol I went skiing with my friends in Austria and omg it was so beautiful! There were a lot of funny incidents and the prawns..lol Don't ask about the prawns we kind of went crazy and drunk but it was so funny!

Hey! who saw the new xxholic OAD? It was quite good I think! But abit if a disapointment, CLAMP didn't do a very good job at all with xxholic's ending. I was hoping they would clear a few things in the anime but nothing, and i was also hoping for a epilogue in the manga but nothing again :L
Which was a huge let down, but they animated the anime so nicely! The art work put into it was so...wow! And seeing Watanuki with a serious side made me think of clone syaoran woop! About the clone I have recently found only one yaoi couple i adore! Not an official couple but still spicy ;) Syaorancest! *0* Or some people call it cloncest xD
For this term I'm going to be abit busy as I have 2 controlled assesements which are really big and an exam. An R.E. exam and French writing and oral examination and Spanish written and Oral exanimation. Wish me good luck ne? Oh and recently Japan has been suffering due to the tsunami and the earthquake which is horrible! Thank God CLAMP came out ok! But there were still so many people in Japan who suffered! Please donate if you can mina and support those people who need our help!
UM...Right now project wise I'm doing nothing just MEP parts, but my next project is to continue with Mirotic. Absent Reminiscence the studio I own with my friend is going well, a few people have asked:
Are you going to have auditions soon?
Yes, we are after our WORM MEP
Can you please subscribe to me?
No, We only subscribe to our Members
Can I join in your MEP?
Only Studio Members I'm afraid.
Recently there have been so many songs which I have been addicted to and one of them is when i go down by relient k! I love that song! I'm nearly done with this amv i'm doing, which is dedicated to the Japan disaster 2011.
I was about to upload screen shots of my current project but dam livejournal wont let me, it says something is wrong with it...bull crap but oh well :L
Oh!! and I have got a fanfiction account but I dont know how to use it! It looks so confusing! But I really want to move my story onto it so bad! haha but I'm working on this current story now which I'm writing called BURN. And I have to admit I'm pretty slow at writing this but I just want it to be perfect! Here is my official banner I created by moi! For my story which will be published on quizilla xD
BTW! if some of you look at the banner and day it hasn't been actually edited with all you have done is add the name onto it, well actually go and look up the actual wallpaper and see for yourself! it's actually very different syaoran's sword is gone! and so is some of sakura'sface. And other features to the wallpaper.
The story is about Sakura and Syaoran of course ;) And this is what it's about:
The two embraced each other longingly as they said their goodbyes. He boarded the plane, with her watching him with his back to her as he boarded the plane. Her eyes watched him until she could no longer see the amber eyed man. While Syaoran is on the airplane heading back to China, on the way the air plane is hijacked by terrorists, little did Sakura know that very moment she has saw him last would be the last time emerald would clash with amber for good…
So yeah I'm still trying to upload the other screen shot of my project but it's not working^^" So gomen mina! 
Till Next Time

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Dec. 26th, 2010 | 06:31 pm

 Hi guys :)

I'm back! lol I've decided I will update this blog once a month as I have things to do...and I can't be really bothered :'D.
Anyways! It's nearly xmas! OMG! yh!!! School is over as well thank god! I have 3 weeks away from the hell house! yesh x3 I had went over to a sleepover of my friends gibbi, alaa, mits, juliet, me! We got so drunk in the night! xD hahaha And before we went back to my friend's house we went to town shopping yh! A girl has needs! And my friend Alaa and I were like doing mission impossible trying to buy a cake and cards for my friend gibbi as it'll be her b-day!!

on... Dec 22nd ish her b-day! :) And is the same b-day as Jean Baptiste Maunier! *Q* If you dont know him..OMG.....GIRLS IF U READ THIS HE IS A GOD! so spicy hot! ;D lol but for you guys back away! xD

There was this freaky spanish horror movie and I watched in class called the orphanage! but of course the title was in Spanish but I'll just write it  in english as maybe some of you guys dont understand it....tsk tsk tsk.

While on the topic of horror movie I watched Paranormal Activity and it's hilarious as the begining! very funny xD But the last minute of the movie is freaky shit o.o
OH DAYUM! I just realised this is my 2nd blog entry! oooh! loovveelly! -confetti- !!! and champagne ;D BUT! ONLY IF YOUR OVER 18 O.O

Its snowing over here! And finally a decent amount too! It just covers your hole foot up to your ankle and a bit higher! But I remember last year it came all the way up to my knee o.o High stuff huh? lol I just read that champagne again and it reminded me of little Britain xD haha when bubbles goes champagne! champagne for everyone! x3

mmmmmm i have nothing to say now...so yh.. OH! and merry xmas to everyone out there! ;D have an awesome xmas! oh and an update on Taken project it's on hiatus. I've lost ideas for it, but bloody hell i'm masking so god dayum much! so yh :) that wont be out for ages but I've made these little vids and everything but I might upload them on my backup account XxTheLadyTsubasaxX

Here is a link for it(back up)
Sub me if you have subbed my main account!^^

Back Up Account:

Main Account:

And Please Sub Absent Reminiscence! This studio was made by me and my friend :) We specialise in CLAMP anime/ mangaka

Oh and Like I said I've been doing little projects ^^ Here are some of the names^^:
(And screen shot! I'm too good to you guys ;D I'm hot showing all just 2 now coz LJ is dying on me T^T)

Epilogue Tribute~ R E T U R N E D
I decided to make an epilogue out of the clips of Tsubasa which I can turn it into the epilogue. I showed Syaoran  returning to Clow and looking for clow or recalling where he had landed. And he sees clow! and that's all my giving out and of course I made Sakura see him ;D Very cute I think x3

Already Over (Piano Version)
It's practically about at the beginning through tokyo to shunraiki about it was fated all along that Sakura was supposed to die. But mainly about Sakura. I was trying to show that when Sakura lost her memories at the beginning that she was already dead really. The Sakura he knew will never come back. And when Syaoran was being transported and begging to Save Sakura's life, he didn't realise she was already gone...

And I have decided to put my T A K E N project on hiatus as I have lost inspiration for that song, therefore I will start another project while I take a break on the huge project. The project I'm doing now is about the clone syaoran's p.o.v. and how fei wong corrupted his life, with the blue eye and his power he held over the clone like a puppet on strings.
So! This is first k-pop AMV I shall ever be doing! Pop editing isn't one of my strongest actually...but hey i'm up for anything! I actually prefer doing raw editing but I'm worried on what my subscribers think. But I'll probably upload all of the raw editing style amvs I have done out of boredom on my back up account. But we shall see! Anyway! back to current project! My current project is called "Mirotic" And the artist or shall I say artists are called DBSK^^ And here are some screen shots of my project that i will DEFINITELY UPLOAD!

haha lol :) xx anyway here they are!...gawd! I keep saying "anyways"...bum... And so far I've only done 15 secs of the project and it's like 1 min something.... -gulp- o.o

and yeah! There you have it! crap screen shots from my coming up crap project! ;D yeah! paaarrtttyyy!! lol

(ok and for some reason when I clicked preview I saw some of my screen shots of my project chopped off on the sides o.o If that happens when this thing is published it wasn't suppose to happen o.o Livejournal raped my image's innocence...but seriously they weren't suppose to be like that xD)

see you till next time! ;D

( remember I will update this livejournal once a month! why? cause i'm lazy!! ^0^)


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Nov. 8th, 2010 | 07:33 pm

hey guys,

so this is my first entry for live journal! And I have so much things to tell you guys I have no idea where to start! x3
Well I'll make this quick cause I'm supposed to be revising for my science and math modules! argh! someone save me! preferably syaoran ;D haha lol
anyway! So it's practically me TheLadyTsubasa from youtube, lol your all probably like duh! my user name! haha well yh...So! I'm going to be updating this whenever i can and share some funny times or interesting stuff with you guys! hopefully you wont fall asleep with boredom! but hey if you do sweet dreams and get a fluffy pillow my dears ;D
I swear my word i always repeat now is darling and put an accent on it xD or i say lolage! xD haha because of my best friend keeps saying it and now it's totakky in my head and i can't get it out! x3 lol but hell who knows xD

So here is a link to my YT channel and check out my AMVS/MMVS ;D


And here are some screen shots of my next AMV that I'm still working on and it's been over 2 months! @_@ as dam school and projects and life have been getting in the way xD so yeah! enjoy the screen shots and I'll see you next time my dears ;D

And THAT IS ALL YOU ARE GOING TO GET! XD till the amv is uploaded on YT^^ And to be honest this is one of the biggest projects I have ever done! and so much planning has been in this project so bare with me xD

Ok! see you next time guys! Love you!




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